22 April 2014

APRIL's Model of the Month is Jane

What is the most challenging thing about modelling?
Trusting yourself and your body. Sometimes you just have to “go with the flow”, with the music, with the weather or the mood of the shoot. The most awkward poses sometimes make the coolest shots.
What advice would you give a model that is just starting out?
Just go for it. If it feels a little scary, you should tackle it and put the trust in your abilities, whether you know what those are or not.
Color or Black and White?
Definitely Black and White. Color is beautiful for some shots, but black and white allows you to see the emotion in the shot by focusing on the face, the eyes, and the feeling.
How many shoots have you had with Randy Pond?
Is it possible to lose count? If not, then 6 or 7 maybe?
Do you prefer natural light or studio light?
Definitely natural light. Something about the challenge of capturing it and properly posing in it creates some fantastic shots!
Where would be your dream location to do a photo shoot?
Europe! So many fantastic locations and wonderful, old architecture. Bodies of water are pretty great too.
What kind of music do you like to listen to when you are at a shoot or getting ready for a shoot?
Something upbeat that allows me to pump myself up. It helps when conveying emotion later on.
What color is your favorite?
Blue. It’s a calming and cooling color.
What social media do you use?  Feel free to shamelessly plug yourself or stay secretive.
Just a regular ol’ Instagram model! (@zhenyaua). But really, I use the holy trinity of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
What would you say is your biggest strength?
Passion and dedication. While that’s two things, technically, they do go hand in hand.

~ 239/365 ~

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