09 January 2013

~ 9/365 Lost keys day, Grip arrived ~

The day started out quite stressful, lost my keys (car, house, the important kind) and had that on my mind all day.  Came home and searched and searched, thankfully I had a spot I couldn't check, because the wife had the car I wanted to search.  When she got home I found my keys, they had slipped under one of the seats.  I also saw a postal notice that a package had arrived.  I went and picked up the package and it was my new battery grip all the way from Hong Kong.  I decided my pic of the day would be of my grip on my new camera, which meant my old camera got in the mix of my 365.  I expect it to be dominated by my 5D but I think there will be times the 7D and possibly the 40D get in the fun!!! :)  Happy Hump Day!!!

~ 9/365 ~

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