14 September 2012

~ Sometimes nothing goes right ~


So after work I went outside and noticed everything seemed "perfect" for a shoot I had been planning.  The vision I had was of some muscle car and a model outside at sunset leading in to the night.  My plan was to use my strobes and light the car and model at sunset and take numerous shots then layer them in photoshop later and create an awesome shot.  The weather was warm, no wind and few clouds.  It looked like it would be the best time for this idea.  When I got home I contacted my friend Ryan who had the connection to the car.  He informed me his brother would be able to come who owns an awesome mustang.  I was pumped, not one but two great cars for the shoot.  I texted the model, my photographer/model friend and she was excited too and we had a plan.  But due it being so last minute she was not able to make it.  Ryan and I decided we'd just shoot the cars and still go ahead with the shoot.


Ryan roared up in a sweet Mustang and I grabbed what I thought was all my gear and we roared off.  We got to a GREAT spot and the sun was just setting.  I set up and got my camera out and stands and then realized what a dumb mistake I made.  I left the vagabond II at home (my battery to power my lights) along with the Alienbee trigger that fires my lights.  So I left Ryan to shoot the one mustang and his brother kindly drove me back to get my gear.  Of course we lost a LOT of light.  Getting to my place did not take long in such a powerful/fast car.  We get out to a new location closer to my house and I set up again.  Then as I go to shoot, I see the trigger on my camera is not working.  Hmmmm, the battery was dead.....yeah......not impressed at this point.  Ryan's brother had to go to work so I lost the chance to shoot his sweet car.  We then ran to 7-11 which was closer and they did not have the battery I needed.  So it's like 9:30pm by now and we raced to Wal-mart.  They had it but when I go to pay, the lady at the till is unexpereinced and when her tape ran out on her register she was unable to replace it.  We had to wait for the supervisor to come and change it for her (more delay).  Finally, I buy 2 batteries and hope that I will have one on hand the "next time" I have one die.  We got back and by then I was tired and annoyed with myself.  Not a good combo for a successful shoot.  My last mistake was during the shoot I kicked my tripod half way through which ruined my concept.  I was layering the images in photoshop and the moment I kicked it, I ruined the effect I was going for.

I guess it goes to show the sometimes when things seem perfect, you need to be prepared to deal with the crazy stuff that goes on.  In this case it was all self inflicted.  Good thing it was a just for fun shoot and I can laugh a bit at myself.  A good example of a fail for my photography memoirs.  Here is a pic from the shoot....not really what I had in mind but considering the problems I created for myself, I am shocked I got an image to post.

~ Mustang ~

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