07 September 2012

Random Friday Thoughts

Well, it was a really tough week for me and here I am on Friday feeling kind of sad.  There are some amazing things for me to feel happy about, but I am just feeling a bit down and out and gut kicked.  Definitely need to do something soon to get myself out of this mood.  I really think a photo shoot would do that but sadly I don't have any plans to shoot this weekend.  I think I will venture out at some point with my camera and shoot some nature/life.  Even if it just the cats.  I think I might be in a strong need of stepping away from portrait work and just do more nature/life for awhile.  I am having a hard time dealing with people lately.  Just feeling under appreciated from people these days.  I know it is just the mood I am in, but I really feel like moving in to a cabin in the wild and ceasing contact with people....hehehhe.....I just think I am almost at a breaking point with my patience.

The good news is it's Friday and I can work out my issues and hopefully get re-focused and ready to rock with a more positive attitude for Monday.  I am excited for some upcoming photography work and new people to work with.  I am fortunate to have some amazing friends and yet it's the flake friends and shallow people that I am allowing to drag my feelings down.  I need to put my blinders on some days and FB and ignore some of the things I see.  Either that or delete some "friends" that do not fit the true definition of a friend.  Sad part is if I deleted all the FB "friends" I might be only left with 5 or 6, hehehhe and I do like to share my photography with people so I'd be losing that enjoyment I get over sharing my work with people.  I guess there are lots of other places to share my work and maybe I should consider having an extended break from FB in an attempt to re-gain some of my sanity from dealing with some of the craziness there.  In a world where everyone is connected with social media and technology it seems strange a person can feel so alone.  I think I am in that boat lately and it sucks.

Okay, enough of this pity party blog......I'm going to switch on positive mode now and put my smile on even if it's a tough act.  I'll post some recent pictures taken out in the local country side.  :) Enjoy and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :) :) ~ Summer Evening ~ ~ Sunset ~

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