25 September 2012

~ Amazing Grace ~

My Spiritual Thoughts on a Tuesday

I was raised in a Christian home....to two wonderful parents.  My Father is a Seventh-Day Adventist Pastor and will soon retire.  I have to thank my parents for raising me in a loving and safe home.  They showered me with their love and showed me a great example of how to live my life.  I was blessed by this but I have found so many ways to slip and fall in my life.  I know that some of my actions have hurt the ones I love and there are times when I felt like I hit rock bottom.  However it is amazing how even there God can reach me and I have felt re-energized and loved.  I wish more people could feel that connection and it's not something you need to go to church every week to find.  In fact I do not recommend people look for God in a church, where some people can be lucky and find Him there, I think going to nature is the easiest way.  Find a quiet place to go, watch a sunset, look at wildlife.....climb a mountain and have a spiritual moment and connection with a power greater than yourself.  I find nature is always a connection with God, my photography has and always will be a spiritual moment/connection I have.  Even when I shoot people, buildings, cars or anything of beauty I find a connection to God.  Well, that is about as spiritual as I can go for a Tuesday. :)

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