02 July 2012

~ WORKS FESTIVAL 2012 and Canada Day ~


The WORKS is one of my fave festivals in Edmonton.  However I hate when it is on, because it's one of the busiest times of year for me.  Wrapping up on school does not give me a lot of time to go in to Edmonton and check out the WORKS....however this year my friend and amazing artist Wil Yee was there as a featured artist.  He put a proposal in and was doing an outstanding project there, a lovely mosaic mural.  He asked me to submit a piece and I was honoured to a part of this.

I was able to swing down to the WORKS on Canada Day with my friend Sonny and see the final mural.  Sadly the piece I had done was rained on and damaged, a few other panels were damaged from rain and the elements, but overall it is one impressive work of art.  Quite impressed with Wil's work.  Can't wait to see what he cooks up next.

Canada Day

I got to hang out with Sonny and we went to the WORKS and saw Wil's work, then we went to go play pool and discovered the place we wanted to go was closed.  So we went to grab food at Cafe Beirut and then a little walk by the river valley then I decided it was time to head home to the kittens.  As I drove home I saw fireworks going off over Mundare and then as I got in to Vegreville I could see them going off over the town.  Fun times. :)

Here are some pics from my Canada Day:

~ Wil Yee ~ ~ Wil Yee ~ ~ Wil Yee ~ ~ Wil Yee ~

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