17 June 2012

My Dad

My Dad

My Dad is awesome.  He is quiet.  He is caring.  He cuts down trees.  He is a cowboy.  He loves God.  He loves me unconditionally.  He is always there for me.  He can play 1 song on the piano.  He is a Pastor.  He loves the Bible.  He always prays for me.  He had prostate Cancer.  He loves hockey.  My Dad always cheers for the underdog.  He loves licorice.  My Dad took me to my first Oilers game.  My Dad got me my first car.  My Dad always made me macaroni when I was home sick.  My Dad and I share the same middle name.  I love my Dad so much.

So it's Fathers Day and I wanted to reflect on my Dad.  I basically feel lucky to have had the parents I have. As a teacher I see a lot of young people that are living in tough situations.  I feel blessed that I had a loving home and had 2 parents that loved me so much.  Giving love to someone is the best thing in the world.  It seems a lot of parents have become so selfish that they forget about the love a family should be sharing.  A healthy family is not necessarily everyone having an iphone, or the newest console, or having a HUGE house to live in, or a massive SUV to drive the kids to a soccer game in.

It was hard when I heard my Dad telling me he had prostate Cancer a few years ago.  I really hear the stress and sadness in his voice.  But he is through that and has been successfully treated and hopefully will not have cancer problems again.  Again I feel SO blessed for having a Dad like mine.  He has always supported my interest in Art and photography.  Without his support I would have never become a teacher, artist and definitely not a photographer.


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