13 June 2012

~ Almost 40 Reflections ~

June 10 has come and gone and I am 39 years old.  Looking back I can say wow, what a ride.  Lots of crazy adventures and a lot of encounters with a variety of people.  In lucky 2013 I will turn 40 and enter a new phase of life as a 40 something.  People sit there and say it's just a number, but the more you add on to your life the more a person learns (hopefully) and well, this is my place to ramble, vent, or just babble on, so here I go!

The day before my birthday weekend I was faced with a random internet rage moment when a guy that was on my friends list on FB started doing some really strange things.  At the same moment another person sent me a private message basically telling me I was the reason for a photography group I started was failing.  Fun times online.  In moments like that I ALWAYS hear the Headstones in my head.  The song "Smile and Wave" will always be my anthem for stuff like this.  Drama comes to everyone in life, some people seem to just look for it.  I personally am lazy and don't care much for it.  I'd rather be having fun and enjoying life.  I especially enjoy being with friends, people that share a common love.  For me, mine is photography and when I created this group it was drama free and without this kind of stuff.  However from talking with other photographers it sounds like SO many photography groups have it and seems unavoidable.  Photographers can sure be mean towards each other, something I don't get.  I love photography and want to share the love with others....I think the big egos and attitudes are stuff I just don't understand.  I have always tried to help out other photographers when I can.  I share knowledge, tips and whatever else I can to encourage them.  Then I get random drama and people pointing fingers at me.  Basically to quote a famous Lethal Weapon line. "I'm too old for this $@&!" I think that is it.

I plan on just leaving the group as quietly as I can.  I don't need to create more drama by trying to stay in it and fight it out or "defend" myself.  I have my life to live and it goes much further than social media and online drama.  I want to have real experiences and those are the ones where I am out shooting, not arguing with other adults online.  I had an experience early on in my photography where I was a part of the online canon forums and there had a LOT of drama and met some REALLY rude photographers.  I was younger and got caught up with it all.  Not realizing most of them were trolls and wanted me to react and respond....somehow people like that get fuelled by using the internet to create issues.  I soon realized that the solution was leave.  After doing so I never looked back and was a MUCH happier guy, I also went out and shot a LOT and got better.  Now I think if I were to go back I would prob find the same people still there creating problems and I don't miss it at all.

I am looking forward to the next part of my life, 39 is my age and I plan on making this summer and the rest of 2012 a great year for myself as a photographer.  Looks like new possibilities and hopefully make some new friends.  I think my goal is avoid drama, smile and wave and leave it in my dust.  Have already planned some pretty amazing shoots, just need to wrap up a year of teaching so I can focus back to my photography this summer.  Thanks to all that supported me on my Birthday.  Anyway, I gotta get to bed now, I am an OLD guy!!! :) heheheh Good night!!!

~ Nikki ~

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