07 May 2012

~ What a Weekend ~

This weekend was quite the weekend.  It had the news of MCA's death and with that came a lot of sad feelings.  What is crazy is I had just started to get back in to their music.  I had just downloaded the Hot Sauce album off itunes and was loving it.  Then MCA passes and it just kind of hit me that the Beastie Boys sound would never be the same now.  Maybe realizing I am old too hit me and that life is fragile so what we do here and now is so important.  The things we say and do, the love we put out in to the world.  In the style of music of the Beastie Boys, so many rappers have HUGE egos and it's all about the violence, hoes and showing off bling.  The Beastie Boys were just so unique and to me they were true artists.

Jenn and I went to Edmonton and saw the new Avengers movie at a new VIP Theater (18+) and we were totally impressed.  No annoying teens being loud and stupid.  No wall to wall people and just a fun time, HUGE seats, lots of space, also it was a pretty amazing flick.

Then I also moved a computer down to my man cave, so when Diablo 3 drops I will be able to chill in the basement.  Then right at the end of the night I got an email from adobe informing me my CS6 was ready for download.  :)  So now my CS6 is fully operational!!

Well, I will end the blog with some Olivia edits.


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