02 May 2012

~ New Edits, CS6 ~


So the new photoshop drops May 7th and I made my pre-order on mine yesterday.  I have been using the beta and loving it.  There are some really cool new features which I am in love with.  The new blur filters are great, the tilt shift one is by far my fave.  They created the look to mesh better with lightroom, blacks and greys, it just looks great.  Colour images pop out awesome when I am working on them.  It also will allow me to edit video, although I have not tried that yet.  I used my teacher cred to get the educational discount....so I am excited to use this program to create this summer.

New Edits

Here are a few new edits of Susan and Tatiana edited this week.....have a good finish to the week everyone.

~ Susan ~ ~ Tatiana ~

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