18 April 2012

New FB GROUP for Randy Pond Photography

A New Focus For Randy Pond Photography


When I started out in photography I was able to develop a stronger portfolio due to working with some amazing models.  We shot TFP/TFCD (time for print and time for CD) and it allowed me to get more paid work as well as increase my skills.  Models bring a lot to a shoot, they do not only enjoy working in front of the camera but as any photographer will agree, a good model is essential to creating a great photo.  Just being "pretty" is not enough to be a successful model.  Lots of people have natural beauty but lack the ability to pose, take direction or even just independently work without direction.  Every photographer is different and a model needs to be able to work with all kinds of photographers.  I have shot with beginning models to experienced ones and most always for TFP.  I never used to come up with really creative ideas for a shoot, I would mostly just ask a model to bring lots of outfits and when the day of the shoot arrived I would just spontaneously go out and shoot.  I am wanting to create a new outlook for myself so this is what I came up with:

  • starting right now, I am going to be cutting back drastically on my TFP/TFCD work.  No longer will I be shooting just to shoot.  My shoots will be planned and have a creative theme and will hopefully collaborate with other creative people to make the work stronger.
  • I created a new facebook group that is closed.  If you want to join I will need to approve you.  Within you will be able to discuss ideas, share ideas and hopefully be a part of a shoot.  This will be the best way to get a chance at doing TFP with me.
  • I will be more selective as to who I work with for TFP.  If an idea for a shoot does not fit my theme then I will be charging for the shoot.  I will offer very reasonable rates to models wishing to get work shot for their portfolio.  More news of that will come in my blog and be listed on my website.  Stay tuned, as this is all new I am going to be offering more info in the near future.
  • I will be featuring my projects on my website to showcase some of the things I am shooting.  So check out the site soon to see this new work.
I really want to be a better photographer and feel that this approach will result in better work for my portfolio.  I also feel like the time has come for me to focus more on the business side of Randy Pond Photography and offer new sessions, products and ideas to clients.  I look forward to showcasing new ideas and directions for Randy Pond Photography in the near future.  I will NEVER stop shooting TFP but it is just going to be more strategic and limited so that my work will benefit and so will the people I choose to work with.  

I will leave you with some recent edits:

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