23 April 2012

~ Beautiful Monday ~

2nd blog post of the day!!!  It is going to be a lovely day and I am wearing shorts!! First time of the year and loving it.  The weekend was a lot of fun.  I had the chance to do two shoots.  One of a young woman who is going to Toronto this summer for a beauty pageant and needed some promotional shots.  The 2nd shoot with Breanne, a lovely young model that was willing to go the distance to get some fun shots in some "gross" water.  I really wish Vegreville had some nice clean lakes or water to do photos in but sadly we do not.  But I am still pleased with the results.

The 2nd part of the weekend I loved was being able to play the beta release of Diablo 3!!!  That was a BLAST and so much fun to go back and remember those amazing times I had playing Diablo 2.  Now I cannot wait for May 15th when it releases.  Also, so happy the sniveling Cindy Crosby and the Penguins got the boot from the playoffs along with those rioting Canuck fans and their team.  I am really hoping the Senators can go far....would be fun to see them win a Cup.  

As for the election, I am not 100% sure who I am voting for, but I am 100% sure it is not going to be for the Wildrose Party.  They are pretty much scary nutballs and I would not throw my vote their way.  They almost had me but then Lake of Fire dude and I am better cuz I am white dudes scared me away....that and their leader seems sketchy.  I liked the Liberals and how they came out swinging.  Hopefully it will be a PC win, even though I want Liberal I doubt they will get enough support.  Oh well, just hoping Wildrose loses.

Here are some edits for your Monday viewing pleasure:

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