24 April 2012

~ Alberta Voted no Big Shock ~

I basically threw my vote away but it did not go to the Wildrose Party.  I knew PC would win so I really wanted to go for something besides a Conservative Party.  I am tired of the direction AB has been going on in past years.  I would love to see another point of view, but sadly in this province that is wishful thinking.  I am really thankful PC party won, WR party frightened a lot of people I think which is why they did not win as expected.  I have always supported the Liberal Party and liked their healthcare ideas best so they got my vote.

Enough of the politics.  Yesterday was not a good Monday, the weekend rocked but yesterday is easily forgettable and I hope the rest of the week turns around.  Tomorrow is my 10 year Wedding Anniversary, wife and I are too busy to do much to celebrate it during the week.  So this coming weekend is reserved for all that ♥ and romance!! :)

Here are some recent edits from some shoots, happy TUESDAY!!! :)

~ Susan ~ ~ Susan ~ ~ Kelsey ~

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