19 January 2012

COLD!!! Winter has let me down.

So far winter has not given me any satisfaction.  It started with the LACK of snow.  Looking outside and seeing the world blanketed in the beauty of white is one of my favorite things about winter.  We started with warm weather and no snow, the world was brown and dirty looking.  LOTS of ice everywhere to slip and fall on.  Then shortly after going back to work in 2012 the temperature decides to drop like crazy to -40ish and we still have a dusting of snow out there.  Makes me sad.  Hopefully the snow will come.  If it is going to be this cold at least give us snow winter!!!

For those of you COLD, here are some HOT pictures from my 2012 shoot with the lovely Tatiana!!  She brings the heat.

~ Tatiana ~ ~ Tatiana ~ ~ Tatiana ~

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Bear said...

I'm with you there Randy. here's hoping for some nicer temperatures. the snow can stay for a bit.. but this deep freeze can go anytime.