29 September 2011

~ Fall 2011 ~

This school year has started like every year.  I do not think I could ever be fully prepared to start a year.  So many things happen and change.  It feels like trying to jump on a roller coaster that is going full speed.  You just have to jump on at some point and hang on for dear life.  I really do love teaching, there are so many ups and downs (kind of like a roller coaster and like photography too for that matter).

I love that the Vegreville Photography Group has been growing and more people joining all the time.  We have started a photo challenge contest for fun on our FB group.  Basically just a theme is chosen and then we all submit our top 3 images for the group to vote on.  The current theme is reflections, so this week my awesome friends Soren and Lynda Olsen of OLSEN ART, invited me to join them on a photo walk.  It was totally needed, I was feeling stress at work and needed to get out.  Here are a few shots from this walk.

~ Fall 2011 ~ ~ Fall 2011 ~ ~ Fall 2011 ~ ~ Fall 2011 ~ ~ Fall 2011 ~ ~ Fall 2011 ~

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