14 July 2011

~ Random Photography Thoughts ~


For most photographers this is almost unavoidable. If you love taking pictures the camera Gods will always be putting these shiny new cameras out for us to crave. The price tag will most certainly make our spouses and significant others (parents) cringe. Is all of this gear even needed? Take a look at a shoot done just with an iphone and see that it really isn't the brand of camera used that makes a picture a success.
Lots of photographers are crazy for the new x100 by Fuji (including myself). I do think though that before a photographer looks at the gear they need to look at the images they are creating. The camera will NEVER make you a better photographer. I think the basics HAVE to be learned before the camera (tool) can ever really matter. I do think it is ALWAYS about the picture and the way it is composed, the way the image is captured with light....maters so much more then megapixels, noise reduction and all the other photo nerd technical things that so many photographers place far too much importance on.

Most people I know do not even know a thing about their cameras. The average person does not even know what the settings on their point and shoot are about. All they know is it takes nice pictures and that is what they like about it. So really, if you are trying to sell images to a client, they won't care about the technical parts of your camera. They just want to see a great image.

Here is a few shots from a recent shoot I did in June with an awesome model and friend, Angela Carr.
~ Angela ~
~ Angela ~
~ Angela ~

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