20 June 2010

~ 171/365 FATHERS DAY ~

~ 171/365 Happy Fathers Day ~
Today was a fun day, lots of beautiful weather and heat. Did some yard work and just feel so much better then I did yesterday. I had a wicked headache yesterday that kept me in a state of yuck pretty much all day. Today feels 110% better. I am so so so excited. Tomorrow I get to go in to Edmonton to get a new camera. I will be picking up a Canon 7D!!! I really love my Canon 40D but so happy to get this camera. I think it is a game changer for me. It will allow me to try some new things with my photography. The image quality is going to be a BIG jump. The noise reduction is one thing I will really enjoy. Also 1080P HD video is another huge jump for me. I am excited to enter the realm of HD video. I am going to be SUPER excited to drive in to Edm tomorrow to get that camera. :)

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