30 March 2010

~ 89/365 Finny in HDR ~

~ 89/365 HDR Finny ~
So today my cold did not seem to want to retreat. So I decided to run to the doctor. I had no appointment so I called the two clinics in our town and found out one was doing a walk in from 1pm-3:30. I showed up at 1pm and was at home at 1:45 with my prescribed pills and napping until like 5:30pm. I think that's pretty good to see a doctor without an appoitment. I have had longer waits even with appointments.
Today was a bit cooler then the weekend. Wind was cold. Of course I stayed inside today....downloaded the new maps for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2....totally got pwned on the first map I tried. Was playing some really high ranking prestiege players. It will take some time to learn the new maps. Jenn leaves for Ontario tomorrow for a bit. So I am on cat sitting duty....gonna have all 3 sucky cats wanting cuddles. I am up for the challenge.
Also hoping to do a few photo shoots. I have one planned with the amazing MAC!!! Looking forward to working with him again.

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