25 December 2009

~ Christmas Morning ~

~ Madison ~
Well, just like a little kid I have awoke before my beautiful wife. She asked me for a 1/2 hour and she is still deep in sleep. :)
So I figured I will do some writing on the good old BLOG. 2010 is coming and I look back at 2009 as great year for change. I took a jump from being an elementary teacher to a high school teacher. 3 years of working with sweet little elementary students and thrown in to the fire of junior high. Where the student has sure changed. Gone are the polite kids in elementary that were so happy to be in Mr.Pond's class. Now I am faced with the loud, hormone raging junior high students that are concerned with cell phones and ipods. I do love teaching but it sure is a different ball game in the high school world. There is a lot to enjoy about this change, I now live and work in the same town, a HUGE first for me.

So Christmas is here and I realized I hadn't really sat down and thought about what I would want for Christmas. The presents are all wrapped and under the tree, but I figure I'll make a list (gonna be a bit silly, serious and fantasy based) to pass the time until I wake the wifey up.
Randy's Official Christmas WISH List 2009
  1. World Peace - I am serious, I wish for Peace....I feel for the people that live in fear, hunger and live in places that make Canada look like Heaven. Everyday at work when we play the National Anthem I am thankful for what I have and also sad that other people are living without.
  2. That the media moves on from Tiger Woods and allows his family to try and pick up the pieces and move on.
  3. a Canon 5DMII under my tree!!!
  4. A sweet variety of L Glass, one of each, ho ho ho!!!
  5. That all Red Necked AB drivers in rig pig trucks learn how to drive safely.......and respect other drivers on the road.....
  6. The Oilers get some talent, I love them!!! But seriously.....they are REALLY bad!!! At least a healthy Hemsky!!
  7. For the Lakers to repeat as Champs!! Go KOBE!!!-A-SHA!!!!
  8. For the Flames to miss the playoffs for the next 10 years.....cuz CALGARY SUCKS!!!
  9. ok, enough of the list already, I need to wake up the wife and enjoy Christmas morning with the 3 cats and the wife! :)

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