11 August 2009

~ Mini Vacation ~

Jenn and I are planning a mini vacation down to the states to visit my Mom and Dad.  It's been a LONG time since I've made the trip down to see them.  We leave today and should be back in about 1 week.  We are planning to visit my cousins in Creston, BC along the way....as well a possible trip to Victoria, BC.  I hope we go, I love Victoria and would LOVE to get pictures of the ocean again.  I can't wait!!! :)

Well, I look forward to posting more wedding shots when I get back and some new nature shots from our trip.  Hope everyone has an awesome finish to their summers.  I'll have my crackberry with me so will be able to respond to emails while we are in Canada, will have it turned off in the States due to roaming charges, etc.

~ Starting the Walk ~

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