19 August 2009

~ I am back ~

Jenn and I arrived late Tuesday night.  We are happy to be home with our kittys.....we had an awesome time and had some really nice experiences down in the States visiting my family.  Here is what welcomed us on our drive home....check my twitter feed for more blackberry pics.  I am annoyed, we stopped in Kimberly to look around and take a break from driving.  While there I broke my blackberry screen, had it less then a month.  The phone was in a protective case, in my pocket and I guess I bumped it against a door and it cracked the screen like it was nothing.  It didn't even seem like it was much of anything and it cracked the plastic or glass over the lcd screen.  The good news is it still works and I believe it can be repaired....phew!!! But wow, that thing is delicate....I'll need a BETTER case for it and will have to baby it to death.  The other good news is we got home alive.  A HUGE Semi truck almost killed us near Cranbrook, BC.  It swerved over a double line from going too fast around a corner and in a split second I swerved with the Matrix and avoided the hit.  If I had reacted a second too slow we would of died.  So all in all, who cares if a blackberry is made cheap, Jenn and I are alive and it's just a silly hunk of plastic.  Here are a few shots from the holiday.

~ Alberta Summer Storm ~
~ HDR Ocean Shot ~
~ HDR Sunset on the Beach ~
~ Cropped HDR Ocean ~
~ Randy & Jenn ~


Smiley Eyes Photography said...

I am very happy you are both alive and well ! That must have been very scary for you !!!

Hope Walls said...

What a sweet picture of you and Jenn!