22 July 2009

~ Wednesday ~

July is speeding by.  Today I was delivered a new logitech G11 keyboard.  I had thought one of the keys wasn't working on my keyboard.  So I called them a few weeks ago to try and get it figured out.  The customer service guy I spoke with said I had a faulty keyboard and that is needed to be replaced, he came to this conclusion by having me do a series of tests.  Anyway, to make a long story shorter, I found the keyboard did work fine...it was a glitch in photoshop.  I restarted photoshop and it worked fine.  I had already faxed my stuff to logitech for the warranty replacement to be sent to me.  I called them back and found the guy I spoke with had never even entered any info down.  I told them to cancel everything as the keyboard I have works fine.  The guy told me he'd look after it....then today a new G11 arrives from logitech.  Hmmmm, guess it's free keyboard day for me.  Since I already have one, a friend of mine might be the lucky recipient of this keyboard.  But considering my lack of friends lately, lol....I might be adding it as a backup in case this one does bite the dust. :)

Here is an edit of a model named Mel that I shot a long time ago, just a fresh edit:

~ Mel ~

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