06 July 2009

~ Dad ~

~ Mel Pond ~
I just heard some news that makes me have a heavy heart today. My Dad was diagnosed with prostrate cancer. He meets with his doctor on Friday to discuss treatment options. I just want those that know me to please keep my family in your prayers and thoughts. I have faith that things will work out for the best. I just really hope that my Dad can be treated and get back to enjoying his retirement once it happens and his grandchildren.
"Dear Dad"
Dad, You're my hero. The quiet way you lead and the example you have given me will never be forgotten. Your sense of humor and creativity have been inspiring to me. I will always be proud of the Man you are. You have done so much for so many people. You have married people, visited the sick, been there for families that have lost their loved ones. The things you have done as a Pastor have been hard. You have had to move your family around a lot as I grew up to move to new church districts. Now you have to face this cancer and I pray in my heart that this is something that can be defeated.
I never had a lot of close friends growing up and I thank you for being there for me. You showed so much love for me when I discovered photography and pursued my art and education. All of your support and faith in me helped me achieve more then I could of imagined. I will be here for you Dad as you go through this valley. I will keep you in my prayers, thoughts and I hope that God's healing hand can bring you back to full health. Your visit last year came when I needed it most, your love and support mean the world to me. I love you Dad, thanks for being you.
Love Your Son,
This picture brings me hope, so I am posting it today and thinking of you:
~ Hope ~


Smiley Eyes Photography said...

Oh Randy ! I hope he pulls through and that everything will work out ok . I will call you soon :)

Cptpoland said...

Oh man.... I know what you are going through. Went through that myself. I really hope he pulls through, and everything will be all right. My thoughts are with you friend.

Hope Walls said...

Randy - my thoughts are certainly with you and your family. I hate the "c" word.