21 July 2009

~ Alberta Scapes ~

~ Field of Dreams ~
~ Old Barn ~
~ Lonely Road ~
~ Clinging to the Past ~
~ Big Sky Alberta ~
Today I was thinking about my life and thinking about how over time I've seen a few close friends just drift away. It sure has been tough, the last 3 years I taught at a school with an all female staff. I made a few friends there but no one I'd say is a really close friend. A few guys I have taught with have drifted away as friends. One of my really close friends is basically a complete stranger to me now and I don't really understand why. I guess it happens. Anyway, I have been attempting to make some new friendships. Some photography related but those have not really worked out either. Maybe it's tough because I live pretty far away from most people. Vegreville is not the most friendly town to live in. Also I don't drive a big 4x4 rig rocket....so tough to fit in here. I am going to try and play hockey again this winter. Maybe I'll meet some peeps there to be friends with.
So I'll throw it out there on my blog: WANTED: A friend!! :) My interests are photography, video games, computers, movies, nature, sports, comic books, good food, art in general and lots more. If you play tennis even bigger bonus. Contact me today if you'd like to hang out....I am feeling friendless this summer. :)

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