26 July 2009

~ 5d Mark II please!!!!!! ~

Okay, my cry goes out.  Someone please be nice and buy me a 5D Mark II. hehehehe, okay, I am begging, someone!!!  I know Bill Gates is reading this, or Oprah, even Tom Cruise!!!   Someone get me this camera so I can do some crazy cool video like this.....WOW!!!

AWESOME 5D Mark II video here.  Or if you don't wanna gift me a 5D you can gift me a 500D!!! As shown here it is just as tasty!!!  I really dig this video too! :)

I can see how cool it would be to shoot a wedding with this in addition to my photography:

Свадьба Ивана и Алёны from Olegvideo on Vimeo.

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