31 May 2009

~ More Baby Max Edits ~

Well, Jenn and I saw the new Terminator movie this weekend. It sure isn't anything like the feel of the old movies, but it's a new era and I enjoyed it. Christian Bale is sure a popular dude now, he's in like every movie now.

June is right around the corner, I am excited for Birthday month, heheheh. Not excited to be older then dirt. But, I guess I am closer to retirement, yay!!! :)

Okay, here are some baby edits from my TOUGH shoot with Baby Max!!! He showed me how hard it is to take baby pics. Thanks Max!! heheheh.
~ Baby ~
~ Baby ~
~ Baby ~~ Baby ~


Cptpoland said...

Absolutely amazing. I'm in awe! Spectacular!

Smiley Eyes Photography said...

Gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!