04 May 2009


So, today was a whhhhicked Monday. I got to hang with a lot of my friends. It started with Lindsey and I getting to drive to Edmonton together, then had supper at a whhhhicked Chinese food place with my friend Sonny. THEN.......got to hang with my new photography friend Mac. He has a 5D, some awesome lenses and is just a REALLY good photographer dude. I called every model I knew begging for a shoot.....and who came through? :) Nikki!!! :) I have shot with her a few times and she was a trooper. Came short notice and even though we had limited lighting, we banged out some shots. I got to use my bees and my vagabond (drool).

It was a lot of fun, good to see how Mac works too, he has some sweet toys and tricks.....looking forward to more shoots. Might have another tomorrow weather providing. :)
Anyway off to bed, here is a teaser from our shoot with Nikki!
~ Nikki G ~
~ NIKKI  ~


Cptpoland said...

It was an awesome evening. Thanks a lot for setting it up Randy. Nikki was amazing! It was a lot of fun watching the master at work with 1 light and a big battery. I have to get me those lights. You put my little flashes to shame. Can't wait for another shoot.

Smiley Eyes Photography said...

Gorgeous !