14 April 2009

~ Reggie the Dog ~

My friend Tia has a little dog named Reggie. She was showing me this picture of him and I had to share it. She kind of loves this dog and has done what the "Dog Whisperer" dude has said to never do....which is humanize your dog. It's easy to humanize pets, Jenn and I do that with our cats. We forget they have small brains and instincts and like to think of them as advanced life forms that can talk to us. :) Of course the talking is just for our amusement and Jenn and I are constantly making up things our pets would say and trying hard to do them in voices we feel would be appropriate for our cats.

I edited the picture up for Tia and she also told me I should blog this and hopefully someone will want me to photograph their pets for them. SHAMELESS PLUG: Randy Pond Photography will shoot your pet....hehehhe.....okay, that sounds bad. I will however take awesome photographs of your pets and you if you like. Contact me today and the first person to contact me for pet photos gets a free artistic edit of their pet.

1 comment:

Cptpoland said...

I think pets are easier to find then models, so that sould be a fun experience :)