22 April 2009

~ Random Wednesday ~

Hmmm, just random stuff I thought I'd throw out there:

Fave Toys as a Kid: GI JOE, Matchbox Cars, Playmobile, Lego

Fave Music Growing Up: Areosmith, Def Lep, Beastie Boys, Bon Jovi, Madonna, G&R

Fave Food: It's always been Pizza

My Fears: SNAKES!!!

Saddest Moment in my Life: Learning about death and loss in a personal way, had a sheltie dog named Tiny Tippy Tasha killed by a car when I was in grade 7. My heart has never felt that much pain before.

Happiest Moment in my Life: Marrying Jenn, that day was EPIC in my mind. What ever happens in my life I won't forget the beauty of that day. No one is perfect but that day felt perfect in every way.

Things I like about myself the most: My height, I love being tall. :) 6'7" rocks!!! Being creative, being an artist, I love using my imagination. Being married to Jenn, I got lucky, what can I say.

Thing I dislike most about myself: I am the king of procrastination, I am not in shape, I don't eat healthy, I don't get enough sleep.....hmmmm......I don't have many close friends, should prob work harder at finding some.

Okay enough Random stuff....here are some edits I did of Ash...
~ Ash ~
~ Ashley Phoenix ~

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