10 April 2009

~ CPU Problems ~

It seems like my little problems with my HP computer are back and this time they look worse then before. I had the power supply replaced....now there is more fan noise and it appears now that it's the CPU fan.....not sure what the cost or damage will be from this problem. I know now that warranty is a joke from HP. Sending it away for 79 days and getting the hard drive wiped is not a great option. If it turns out to be an expensive fix I may have to send it away. Hoping that will not have to be the result.

But just to update everyone:

Randy Pond Photography is on hold due to technical difficulties. I hope to be on track as soon as possible as I know there are people depending on me to get them their photos.

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Cptpoland said...

Let me know if I can be of any assistance with this. I worked with computers for the last 20 odd years.