08 April 2009

~ ABC Season ~

Well, it's time for every Oiler fan to put away the jersey for next year. Time to dig deep and find that ABC team spirit and cheer like mad for every Oiler fan's 2nd favorite team, Anyone But Calgary. This is the 3rd straight year Edmonton has missed the playoffs, so as an Oiler fan this is my goals for the team for next year: (I am sure no one in Oiler management cares, hehehhe)
  • NEW COACH!!!!! Mac-T is awesome, nothing personal but it's time to change this position and shake things up.....do whatever it takes to send a message to players, fans and the rest of the teams that they are not satisfied with losing.
  • NEW MANAGEMENT!!!! Kevin Lowe needs to step further away from managing the team, even though he's not the official GM he is still too involved in decisions, he needs to move on too.
  • SIGN A TOP FORWARD!!!! Get a #1 franchise style player....don't expect Hemsky to ever be elite....we need a BIG name player.
  • GET SOME GRIT!!!!!! The young skilled players are awesome but we need guys that can be tough (not just fighters) to go in corners and get the puck. Hitting, playing on the edge and showing teams that come to Edmonton, that the Oilers are NOT an easy team to play. Too often in the 2008-2009 year, the Oilers looked like the easiest team to play against. Hopefully they can change this in the coming year.

Okay, I blog about the Oilers far too much, hopefully I can blog about Calgary losing and golfing so I can move on to better topics....like photography, summer and so forth. :)


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