05 March 2009

~ Wild Weather ~

MARCH in like a Lion for sure. This weather was crazy, I looked out my window this morning and saw the snow blowing in our back yard. I left as early as I could and as I drove through massive drifts in town, heading toward the highway, I knew this would be a risky drive. When I got out by the Wal-Mart I could hardly see the Tim Hortons at the side of the road. When I left Vegreville and reached the highway the area I was able to see around my car was maybe 40-50 feet. I turned around when it was safe and came home. I heard the busses were not running so I decided to not risk the drive as the radio was saying the roads were NOT good.

Anyway, I am looking forward to the weekend, hoping the weather relaxes a little. Work is stressing me out, I feel like there is so much to do and that I am behind it all constantly. **sigh**

I did buy a new watch and swiss army knife, lol...don't ask....but these 2 purchases make me happy.....I know....I am a strange dude. :) Here is a shot of a good friend and teacher, Lindsey at our staff meeting. Shot with my 50mm, it's a cool St.Patty shot. :) There wasn't any alcohol in her cup...hehehhe, our staff meetings might be more fun if there was. :) heheheh.
~ Staff Meeting ~

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