01 March 2009

~ New Surround Sound....oh yeah and a Good Weekend!!! ~

Well, it was a great weekend. Enjoyed time with my sweetheart....got to go to Red Willow....Pastor Dan you rock as always. :) I got to see the High Roller briefly......aka Trevor Boller. Then we had a funny experience at a Moxies. Our waitress came and was explaining a dish to my beautiful wife. She had a Freudian slip and said "the dish comes with a curry dick", then proceeded to blush, nervously laugh and apologize profusely to my wife for her slip. We had a good laugh. I think she deserved a good tip for her humor.

Jenn also was an awesome wife and allowed me to get an early Anniversary present. I got a lovely surround sound system from Costco. It's an LG and it's a home theater in a box deal. We set it up in our basement.....it is pretty sweet. Now when I watch Oiler games in the basement I can shake my fillings out. How sweet it is to be a home owner and not a rented. My neighbours would hate me if I was renting, **evil grin**.

Oilers also won!!!! Yippeeeeeeee, the Mac-T roller coaster continues. Only was I'll love him and want him to keep his job is if he brings home the cup...heheheh. I am hard to please.....give me a break, they have been mediocre for too long for him to get breaks from the fans. :)

Well, I am gonna have a good sleep and good week (fingers crossed) spring come soon please. I am posting some pictures of my awesome cats. They were so cute. It was a typical cat weekend here at our home. :)

~ Cat ~
~ Cat ~
~ Cat ~
~ Cat ~

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Smiley Eyes Photography said...

Yaaayy for surround sound !!

p.s. I LOVE that first shot of the kitty !! meow !