06 March 2009

~ Friday ~

Oilers lose again.....this team is starting to get scared of success. Seems they like losing to all the teams they should be winning against. Sigh......

Anyway. it's the weekend, yippeeeeeeeeee. I am telling myself I NEED to work on an art project this weekend. I hope to post it here as soon as it's done....or maybe even post a work in progress shot. I am craving to do some digital art and hope to have something to work on quite soon.

Here is a recent picture of Nahla Pearl, my wife's kitty on her fave spot....(top of our fridge)....I am tall enough to take pics of her up there. I forget all you vertically challenged people can't...muhahahhahah, it's fun being 6'7".

~ Nahla Pearl ~

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Smiley Eyes Photography said...

LOVE this shot of your kitty !!