11 February 2009

~ Oilers Contest ~

Okay, I drove out to my vp's place and was able to do a shoot with Billy. He was a great sport and did a great job in helping me achieve my idea. I was a tool however and lets just say due to brain freeze I mangled up my umbrella's quite badly. Hoping Jenn and her delicate touch can fix them for me, knowing me I'll just snap them in rage trying to fix them. :) Love the soft touch of a woman.
So I have a deadline until noon today to enter a picture and here are the two I came up with from the shoot. I don't know which one I'll enter...here's to hoping I pick right. Yeah, only 1 more day of work till the weekend.
~ Spirit of Hockey #1 ~
~ Spirit of Hockey #2 ~


Smiley Eyes Photography said...

Gosh they are both nice Randy ! I think I am more partial to the top one.

So how exactly did you mangle your umbrella's?

Randy said...

Well, I knocked one light stand down (my own dumb fault), then the wind helped knock down the 2nd stand, both holding alienbee lights and umbrellas....= 2 very damaged umbrellas....I am stoooopid...