23 February 2009

~ Monday ~

Today was a wild Monday, I awoke feeling so tired. It was rough, I should of got more sleep on the weekend. However I got a copy of Street Fighter IV and well, it was fun....heheheh. I have fond memories of playing that game in the arcade. Sneaking out of my studio courses at Red Deer College and going to the student arcade with buddies and wasting a bit of our student loans on that game. It is also the first arcade game I really remember playing as a teen. I was in love with Chun Li's character...hehehe, I always chose her to fight with. Those wicked kicks of hers....yeah.....so back to the present. I was thinking I'd rock at this game but turns out my reflexes are not like they were 15 years ago. I also have more trouble pulling off the mad moves needed to succeed at this game. The boss is named "Seth" and is almost impossible to defeat.

I have to say I am going to try and get to bed early tonite, a LOADED day tomorrow. I'll need my rest. I won't even rant about the Oilers losing to the Shames on Saturday night. That's a whole other rant for another day....heheheh....(hiding my rage).
~ Sleeping Baby ~
~ Baby in the Middle ~

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