02 February 2009

~ Kitty Little Death Trap ~

So, there I was on Saturday trying my best to add a little fresh little for my kittens. I reached down to pick up the box of litter, (not the costco kind that weights tons) this was just a smallish box, that even a frail granny could lift. The big tall photographer who is used to lifting 70-200mm canon glass around and a heavy old 40d, grabbed this kitty litter and then POP!!! In the lower back a thousand little voices all screamed out in pain. Then I went and threw away my man card and proceeded to act like something just the opposite. I have no pain tolerence and it was good that Jenn was in Calgary, because she wouldn't of wanted to see my sad scene of self pity and agony. I did pull myself together, but wow!!! I never thought the back could hurt like that. I did go to see the doctor today and have a GREAT collection of narcotics aimed at helping myself get back to "normal" whatever that might be.

I did watch the super bowl, it was quite entertaining, I just didn't have much interest in either team but it's the NFL and it was fun for me to watch. I am also excited it's a short week. I have teacher convention Thur and Fri at the SHAW!!! I hope the back holds up as I hike around from session to session. Ohhh and Tammy if you're reading this, we need to chat, I need to find out if I am still shooting that wedding for you still....heheheh. Yeah and I need that 5D you said you didn't want anymore.
~ Friends ~

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