08 February 2009

~ I won!!!! ~

My back is on the mend, there is less pain and I am starting to look forward to being able to walk normal again. This whole back pain stuff is not fun.
My happy news for the day is I won a photo contest. I won first place in the category of Urban Life on the connect to Edmonton website. I appreciate everyone that got on there and voted for my picture. I was surprised when they contacted me and told me I had been short listed and had a chance at winning.
Teacher Convention was fun, got to see some old colleagues of mine, the worst part was trying to walk around the Shaw with a sore back. I probably looked like some drug addict the way I was walking. I hope I can get my back feeling better....I have been resting it all weekend, hope it helps. Not much else is new....so I'll end this post with my winning image.
~ Cap Ex 2008 ~


Smiley Eyes Photography said...


I knew you would win ! That is a kickass shot !

Rachel Schultz said...

Awesome Job Randy. Congratulations on such an awesome night shot!