06 January 2009

Driving Rant

Okay, it's time for me to have a rant, I need to do this for my own therapy so please skip reading this if rants are annoying to you. I am just really getting tired of the drivers I meet on the roads in this province. I am going to be picking on the men, yes my own gender. I am starting to think that this province of Alberta is full of guys that drive rig rocket trucks. Me in my tiny little Echo seem to be a magent for these morons. They fly up behind me and with no regard for their life or mine. These guys act like no one loves them by the way they drive. This whole province seems to be full of beer drinking, 4x4 driving rednecks that grew up thinking men should be jerks and there for they do their best to fit that role every day of their life. I know there are lots of people, including men that don't drive like jerks but sadly this province with it's "oil and money" attract these types of biscuits to Alberta. It seems that these cavemen and their big trucks measure each other by the size of their tires, lift kits and how many ATV's they can fit in their truck. I really wish people could show more respect for others, I seriously find that more and more this world is lacking respect. People are so self centered and interested in going places fast with little regard for their life or the lives of others. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. :) END OF RANT. :)

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