20 November 2008

~ Samantha Valentine ~

I went back to a shoot with Samantha Valentine and did some new edits. I think she is an awesome model, so much fun and very creative. It's SO easy to take amazing pictures of this girl.
Today I go in to the hospital for the doctor to cut out 2 moles that I think need to go. I have had moles taken off before so hopefully this is just standard and will not come back as anything bad. It's hard to know though and I am just happy to be getting this taken care of.
This week sure has gone fast, it's already Thursday, wow, the year is blowing by like mad. I hope I can catch up on some work this weekend. Go Oilers tonite, they have their hands full with the Wings. Also looks like creepy Lloydminster blog stalker is back after taking a break from constantly checking my blog....guess this person has nothing better to do then blogstalk me.

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Unknown said...

That first picture is so wicked it hurts.