24 November 2008

Photography Mentor

For photographers intersted in sharing and learning more about photography from other photographers, check out this cool website. It was shared with me by Smileyeyes and has some cool features. You can have your work critiqued by your peers and there is also live interviews done with professional photographers. I have not had much time to do much on the site but it sure looks interesting and possibly helpful. :) Here it is photography mentor.

It's hard to believe Christmas is so close...such a busy time of year for a lot of people. Stressful too, with people shopping, making travel plans to be with families. It sure is easy to get lost in the confusion and mad hustle. I am looking forward to just having time with Jenn and our 3 cats. Yesterday was fun, Nestor came by to visit and watched the Grey Cup with me. It was Finnigan, Nestor and me, the 3 dudes, watching the game. Finnigan is just a cool cat, loves to chill out. I also got 2 achievements on NBA 2k8, versus my buddy Nestor. Kobe Bryant's and Kevin Garnett's. I'd like to get NBA 2k9 so Nestor and I can continue our rivalry in the next edition of basketball.

It's a very busy week ahead and I sure hope to stay away from getting sick. I will have to drink a ton of water today and just have lots of sleep. Anyway, not much is new, had a maternity shoot cancelled on the weekend so I am kind of slowing down the photography. I am excited to be doing a photo shoot coming up of a Dodge Viper. That will be very cool...it's a portrait session...more details to come and hopefully some pictures. Other then that NOT a whole lot on the photography front for moi. Just a lot of things to wrap up from previous shoots and always edits to do, I could never run our of material to edit. Mass hard drives full of images, sitting and waiting for me to work on. I am not sure how other photographers are but I never get to edit even half of the shots I would like to.

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