27 October 2008

Uncle Now

Well, my sister had her baby over the weekend. Her girl's name is Charissa and has a big brother named Caleb. Lauri called me from the hospital on Saturday to let me know the good news. I wish I lived closer so I could capture some cool pics. Anyway, that's pretty much all the big news. I have been fighting a NASTY cold and pretty much totally sapped of energy. It's been really rough dealing with work, lots of stuff going on. Tons of P.D. going on, sub days, sick kids, sick staff.....IPP fun and more. Anyway, hoping after October ends it'll slow down. Who am I kidding? Then there is report cards, Christmas.....maybe xmas break will be when things calm down for moi. Anyway, back to work I go......hoping the Oilers can stop their suckage and get a win tonite vs the Beaners. I am not even gonna talk about the Eks, (cringe) they got pwned by the Dirt Farming Riders.


Smiley Eyes Photography said...


How exciting !!

I hope you feel better soon though... I hear you... doldrums and lots of work.... good to hear from you

Hope Walls said...

Congrats to Mum & Dad, and congrats to Uncle Randy!