02 October 2008

~ Rock Band Competition ~

On Friday I get to go to a P.D. Day in the Park. Our district is having a rock band competition during the afternoon and it should be fun. I am going to be playing bass and 3 other staff at our school are joining in to play and sing. What is at stake? Well, if we win #1 bragging rights over other schools. :) Yeah, we teachers are a competitive bunch. The other big deal is we could win an xbox 360 and the rockband game and gear. I would LOVE to win that for our school. The kids would love it too. I am not sure we can win I've heard some other schools have been practicing and are taking it quite serious. I am not sure how our band will do, we're calling our band Simple Minds, hehehhe. Mainly because I am in it. :)

On a hockey note, Cowtown beat the Oil 4-0 in preseason, good thing it's only preseason. I am happy that the Oilers added a tough guy. Hope they can protect their super stars and not get pushed around, This tough guy sounds awesome, 6'6" and 250lbs or so I've heard. It's gonna be cool to see the Oilers have a better season. It'll be HARD to not do better then they did last year considering how BADLY they played.