05 September 2008

Labour Day ReMatch

Today the Esks and Stamps battle it out again in the Battle of Alberta. It never gets old when an Edmonton team can have success vs Calgary. I am not the biggest CFL fan but it's sure nice to see Edmonton doing so well. I would like to attend the game but maybe I am just lazy, cuz it seems like a good idea just to catch some of it on tv.
Last night I was all excited for NFL to be back, then I sat down on the couch and according to eye witness reports (Jenn and our cats) I was snoring within seconds. I guess this week of back to the classroom has been exhausting. I did wake up for the 2 minute warning and saw that I did not miss anything. The Giants rolled to their 1st win.
On a nerd note, I am getting an illuminated keyboard from bestbuy. Turns out computer companies like to package really BASIC keyboards with their desktops. My tower is awesome for power but my HP keyboard is not so hot. When I am using the control key in CS3 I keep hitting a silly hot key for some windows help. It drives me crazy...so hoping this new keyboard will not only help me during those late night photoshop sessions but be more user friendly in CS3. I'll try and review the keyboard when I get it. Maybe I should write a review for my desktop too. :)

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