03 September 2008

Castle Crasher Fun

The first day of school was fun. I really enjoyed seeing my students again and being back to work felt alright. I admit, I do miss vacation but as the weather gets cold...it's pretty fun doing some work again.
Last night Jenn and I played a xbox live arcade game called Castle Crashers. It's a silly side scrolling retro style arcade game similar to the tmnt games of the 80's and 90's. It's a 4 player game and has an rpg feel to it with the ability to customize your character. It's kind of hard to explain why the game is cool...but it's funny, cartoonish and just really unique. In a world of 3D style games and virtual worlds, a game like this which is just silly and fun is refreshing to me.
I was also able to play with my powerhouse of a PC and do a few edits from some older photo shoots. I am still amazed it runs so quick with lightroom 2 and cs3. (drool)

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