02 September 2008

Another Year Begins

The 2008-2009 year is about to begin. My students will be coming back and I have to admit I am quite eager for the year to start. I have a lot of personal goals this year and really feel positive about the changes I am going to make in my professional and personal life.
I also am happy that on the weekend Jenn and I were able to get a new computer. I now can edit on a 22" widescreen HP monitor. I am very impressed with it's bright screen and now in photoshop I can see MUCH more then previously possible on a 19" screen. One thing I noticed right away was the level of detail in the different blacks I could see. For all the comp geeks that understand this, it's got a 750gig hard drive, 6gigs of RAM, and a quad core intell. It's sad but as I get older these numbers start meaning even less to me. All I know is it's quick...and runs a 64 bit Windows Vista. I also am running Lightroom 2 in 64bit mode. It's crazy cool and I can't get over how much power this machine has. I've been running a LOT of stuff with photoshop and it still refuses to slow down.
Well, that is the BIG news. It's also good news for people waiting for edits. This means I will be able to process faster and hopefully get photos out sooner then later. I know I am already quite slow. :)

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