12 August 2008

New Edit and Back to Work Blues

This is an edit of Joanne, a model who is entered in to a competition called "Alberta's Next Top Model", she contacted me to do a shoot and we were able to hit my small studio and get some shots done for her. As for today, well, it's a cloudly day, raining and not very warm. I think winter is on the way. I already feel depressed about going back to work. It's not funny how quick summer goes. Our little fury baby Nahla also jumped in the dryer and within seconds peed on fresh laundry. What a BAD kitty!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I am gonna go grab some food and maybe watch some Olympics and hope Canada can win a medal already. They need to add some kind of hockey to the summer Olympics....roller blade hockey? :) Then we'd kick some butt!

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Rachel Schultz said...

gorgeous lighting as usual Randy!!