25 June 2008

Preg Teens and "Kids Today"

Okay up on my soapbox I go. These teen girls in the USA that are all preg are not a big surprise. There is the Spears sister that is preg and is a teenager. Then Hannah Montana posing in a "risky" set of pictures. Kids today are wanting more adult things and "sexual" things are starting to enter in to their lists of wants. I teach elementary and there are a LOT of kids with adult wants...they want iPODS and when it comes to video games it's not about Mario Bro. anymore for kids or Sonic. It's Grand Theft Auto and the more violent and risky the better. Kids in elementary school are sporting cell phones, wearing makeup and wearing more risky clothing.
I was at the Alberta legislature grounds a few weeks ago when all the Grads were happening in Edmonton. There were all these high school guys stripping down to their boxers and jumping in the pool. Then I saw 2 young girls looking about 17 years old that were pretending to make out and kiss each other to titillate the boys that were already stripped down to their undies and were posing in very inappropriate ways for the cameras of these boys. It was like these kids were acting like College kids on Spring Break somewhere but hadn't even got out of high school. These 2 young women lost all their self respect and were totally acting it up for the camera and attention from these guys.
I know I sound old but I just don't see youth today heading in a positive direction. A junior high teacher in Edmonton was venting on the radio a few days ago. She said a group of girls called the last day of school "whore day" and came dressed in "slutty" clothes. With role models like the Hiltons and Brittney, it's no wonder girls have issues. It's sad....especially when young girls are missing out on opportunities due to these other distractions.

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