11 June 2008

Mouth Breathing Morons

Grrrrrrrr.....not sure why but I need to rant about some losers. I was walking my students downtown to buy groceries for our life skills program. One of my older students tripped on the sidewalk and a delivery truck with 2 biscuits in their early 20's driving with the windows rolled down, stared and laughed at this student. They acted like it was the funniest thing and really hurt the feelings of the student that tripped. I just think it was rude, considering I teach a class with special needs and these 2 morons should have considered they were laughing at a kid and didn't even think about how his feelings would be hurt. I wish I could of stopped them and laughed at how they are a couple of losers driving a delivery truck. I know stereotyping is wrong but they looked like the typical redneck that roars around in a truck, drinking beer all the time and just fitting that typical "I'm a loser" mentality that seems too common around Edmonton and area.

Shortly after the biscuits were laughing at my student, another GRADE A loser in his wanna be rig rocket truck, roars through the stop sign where we just crossed and guns his truck...through the school zone doing about 80 km/h!! I wish I was a cop so I could of pulled him over and given him the royal night stick to the cranium treatment. Grrrrrrrrrrrr........hehehhe, ok, that felt like a good rant.....have a happy Wednesday everyone.

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Smiley Eyes Photography said...

That is not good at all! I think your rant is very much needed!