09 June 2008

Monday "The End is In Sight"

Well, the weekend was FUN!!! :) Jenn pretty much surprised me for a party, she invited friends from Edmonton to visit. Tanya and Kelly, Steve and Trina, Lindsay O'Neill and Paxton(aka Lindsey) and Nestor! :) Then Kelly's friend J.R. came by as well. It was a LOT of fun playing Rockband with 4 people. I stuck with the base on medium difficulty, then watched as Kelly rocked the drums, man that guy can drum, hehehehe. It was VERY addictive and I won't mention how late we stayed up rocking. :)
The weather was wonderful on the weekend, it got a bit cold on Sunday but nothing too bad. I am going to be BUSY this week with TONS of wrap up for school so I NEED to work hard and finish hard. Have a great week everyone! :) Turning 35 tomorrow.....here comes the grey hair. :)

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Smiley Eyes Photography said...

Happy Birthday Mr.Pond !!!!!!!!!!!!